Multiprocessing Operating System in Hindi

Multiprocessor Operating System (Multiprocessor Operating System) is also called Multiprocessing Operating System (Multiprocessing Operating System).

Definition of Multiprocessor Operating System in Hindi :- Two or more Central Processing Units (CPUs) can be run within a single computer system using a multiprocessor operating system or OS.

In multi-processing systems, all CPUs are interconnected using very high-speed wires called buses and share memory and other hardware hardware resources or resources. In this, all the CPUs work together as a single unit and their main purpose is to increase the processing capacity of the computer.

Application of Multiprocessing OS in Hindi

Application of Multiprocessing Operating System in Hindi: – Multiprocessing operating system is used in such places, where a lot of information has to be processed, some of its major applications are as follows:-

  • Space research agency: – Computers with very high processing capacity are required to process the data received from satellite or satellite by space research agencies such as ISRO, NASA etc. So multiprocessor OS is used by them.
  • Weather forecasting: – Weather forecasting institutions also have to analyze a lot of information, so it is used there too.
  • Big data analysis: – In various business organizations (business organizations), corporate sectors (corporate sectors) and government or non-government organizations, nowadays there is a huge trend of analyzing data from various sources. Using data analysis, various companies try to predict their customer needs and market trends. To do data analysis, there is a need to analyze a lot of information, which requires a computer with a lot of processing capacity i.e. multiprocessing computer is also used here.
multiprocessing operating system in hindi
Multiprocessing Operating System in Hindi

We cannot install Multiprocessor Operating System in any normal computer, the following items are required in the computer system to employ it effectively :-

  • Motherboard Support:- To install a multiprocessor operating system, we need a motherboard in which we can install more than one processor at a time, because the cable in a normal motherboard is the place to put a processor. Therefore, a special type of motherboard is needed here in which we can put more than one process simultaneously.
  • Processor Support:- It requires a processor that is designed to do multiprocessing and is capable of working in conjunction with all other processors.
  • Locking system:- Since the processor needs different types of resources in the process of execution of a program, so if all the processors try to access any resource at the same time, it can lead to complete system hang and serious on its performance. There may be consequences. Processes are therefore serialized using a locking system to access resources by the processor, allowing the processor to access the resources in the queue one by one.
  • Shared data: – All processors cannot access any data stored in the computer’s memory simultaneously and if this processor accesses them one by one in the queue, then a lot of time is wasted in it, because until one processor completes its work. The other processor has to wait until it does not. To avoid this, data can be duplicated and stored in many different places so that all processors can use it simultaneously.

History of Multiprocessor Operating System in Hindi – At the end of the 18th century, Charles Babbage, who was called the father of the computer, wrote a book called ‘analytical engine’. Luigi Federico Menabrea, commenting on the same book by Charles Babbage, suggested multiprocessing, but it was just a suggestion.

The first multi-processing system was created in 1961 by a computer company named Elliot Brothers and was named “Burroughs B5000”. After this, in 1962, the IBM company started selling its computer “System/360 Model 65” by installing two processors.

Advantages of Multiprocessor Systems in Hindi

  • High Speed ​​Processing: – Using multiprocessing operating system, the instructions and programs given by the user can be processed at very high speed and output can be displayed as quickly as possible. This allows a large amount of data to be processed quickly.
  • Reliability :- As you know the computer CPU is called the brain or brain of the computer, if there is only one CPU in the computer and it shuts down then the whole computer shuts down. But in a multi processor system there are two or more CPUs, so even after one CPU fails, the other CPU works properly. This may affect the system’s ability to function but does not shut down the entire system.
  • Enhanced Throughput: The throughput of the system increases due to the simultaneous working of several processors, which means that the total number of programs that can be executed by the system at a time increases. As a result, the output can be provided to the user as quickly as possible.
  • More Economic Systems: – It is much cheaper than buying many different computers to do a complex job, as they share all the resources like data storage, peripheral devices, power supplies among themselves. This also saves electricity.

Disadvantages of Multiprocessor OS Systems in Hindi

  • Increased Expense :- Its hardware is more expensive than any single processor system.
  • Complex System: – Multiprocessor system is quite complex, because all the processes share the hardware resources and memory stored in it, as a result of which the working of the system is very complex, hence it is also very difficult to manage.
  • Large Main Memory Required :- In multi-processor OS all the processors share the same memory among themselves, so it requires a lot of space primary memory or RAM (Random-access memory). So that the necessary data for all processors can be stored in RAM simultaneously.

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