Top 10 Programming Language – जिन्हे आपको 2022 मे सीखना चाहिए

Top 10 Programming Language 2017 Ki Puri Jankari In Hindi

Aaj ke dor me programming ek bahot bada field hai. agar aap bhi IT field me apna career banna chahte hai to aapko kuch high level programming language ka knowledge hona bahut jaroori hai. waise to har field ke liye alag alag programming language hai. par begeniar ke liye kuch basic programming language ka knowledge hona bahut jaroori hai. to is post me ham jante hai ki 2020 me kon kon si programming language top hai aur aap unhe kahan se sikh sakte hai.

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List Of Top 10 Programming Language Hindi Me

1. C

C ko programming language ki mother kaha jata hai. kyunki uske baad bani lagbhag sabhi programming language C se hi bani hai. to agar aap programming sikhne ki suruat karna chahte hai to C se kar sakte hai.Programming C bahut saral language hai. 

Features of programing C :

Fast And Efficient 


Function With Rich Libraries


Easy to Extend 

Variety Of Data Types And Powerful Operators

Python ek vyapak roop se use ki janewali high level programing language hai, jisko 1991 me Guido van Rossum ne banaya tha.

Features of programing Python :


Easy to Learn

Free and Open Source

High-level Language



Object Oriented

Extensive Libraries


Java ek general-purpose high level programing language hai. java ko pure object oriented programming language kaha jata hai. jiska use aaj ke samay me computers, cell phones, mobile pda aur anya devices me kiya jata hai. 

Features of programing Java :




Platform independent



Architecture neutral



High Performance



Vartman samay me jitni bhi modern programming languages develop ki gayi ha, vo sabhi Object Oriented Programming System par adharit programming languages hain aur “C++” ek aisi programming language hai, jisme OOPS ke niyamo ka kafi asani se Implement kiya ja sakta hai.

Features of programing C++ :




Platform dependent

Object oriented oriented

Case sensitive

Compiler based

Syntax based language

Use of Pointers

C sharp ek modern object oriented programming language hai.  C# ko .NET framework me software development ke liye banaya gaya hai. C# c,c++ aur java se related hai.

Features of programing C# :



Object Oriented

Type Safe


Scalable And Updateable

R statistical computing and graphics programing ke liye open source programming language aur software environment hai. 

Features of programing R :

Performing multiple calculations with vectors

Processing more than just statistics

Running code without a compiler

JavaScript ek client side programming language hai jo web pages me programming logic add karne ke liye use ki jati hai. HTML ek designing language hai aur ye keval webpages ko design karti hai. HTML ke dwara aap webpages me koi logic perform nahi kar sakte hai.

Features of Javascript :

Giving the user more control over the browser.

Detecting the user’s browser and OS

Performing simple computations on the client side.

Validating the user’s input. 

Handling dates and time.

Generating HTML on the fly. 

PHP ek open source server side scripting programing language hai. PHP dynamic webpages develop karne ke liye use ki jati hai. PHP ka pura naam PHP Hypertext Preprocessor hai. pahle ise personal home pages ke naam se jana jata tha.

Features of PHP :




Open Source

Case Sensitive



Platform Independent




Go ek free and open source programing language hai jise 2007 me google ke robert griesemer, rob pike, and ken thompson ne banaya tha. Go Stand-alone command-line apps or scripts network and web servers ke liye ek good option hai.

Features of Go :


Architecture Specific File


Go Threads (Green threads)

Object-Oriented Programming

Swift ek general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language hai jise Apple ke dwara banaya gaya hai. Swift ko Apple’s Cocoa aur Cocoa Touch frameworks ke sath kam karne ke liye banaya gaya hai. 

Features of Swift :




Multiple return values and Tuples.


Concise and fast iteration over a collection or range.

Structs which support extensions, methods and protocols.

Functional programming patterns.

Advanced control flow

Powerful error handling

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