What is Domestic Violence Complete Guide in Hindi

Domestic Violence Kya Hai, What is Domestic Violence Complete Guide in Hindi. Domestic Violence Helpline Number in India Contact Human Rights Organization.

It is said that women are more secure inside the boundary wall of the house. But even today there are some people in our society due to which women are not feeling safe inside the boundary wall of the house.

The crime against women inside the house comes under Domestic Violence. In some places, this crime has increased so much that human rights organizations have to come forward.

Violence in the domestic sphere is called domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical, mental, emotional, verbal, psychological or sexual abuse of a woman by a person with whom the woman has a family relationship.

domestic violence in hindi
What is Domestic Violence Complete Guide in Hindi

Domestic Violence

Since time immemorial, women have been a victim of crime inside the boundary wall of the house. There can be many reasons for this. In some cases, one had to make rounds of the police station to avoid beating and torture by the husband and in-laws.

The woman could not live in the husband’s house. But the Domestic Violence Act 2005 has given the woman full right to live in the husband’s house and also provides legal aid.

Domestic Violence Types

  • Physical or sexual harassment of woman
  • to threaten
  • Abuse
  • To beat
  • forced sex
  • dowry harassment
  • Showing or harassing an obscene photo or film by a member of the in-laws’ house

Rights of women involved in police, FIR and arrest

it might happen in the future

  • Ensuring justice for all women.
  • Especially for the marginalized sections.
  • To reduce crime against women by fifty percent by 2030.
  • To increase the number of police stations to 350 by 2019, 400 by 2022 and five hundred by 2030.
  • At present there are 240 police stations and 21 women police stations.
  • Women’s participation in police will be increased to 10 percent by 2019, 14 percent by 2022 and 20 percent by 2030.
  • To increase the number of cases requiring high level investigation to 17 per cent by 2019, 16 by 2022 and 15 per cent by 2030.

domestic violence law

  • With the advent of this law, married women have the right to live in their maternal home along with their in-laws.
  • This law provides the right of the woman (married or unmarried) to physical and financial security in her own home.
  • Married or unmarried women can get the right to live in the same house by registering the injustice done to them under the Domestic Violence Act.
  • Married woman can seek compensation for child’s education and mental/physical torture.
  • Women can appeal to the court for the atrocities committed on themselves in domestic violence.
  • For the solution of her problem, the victim woman can take any one of the advocate, protection officer and service provider along and can present her side herself.
  • In the event of the death or divorce of the husband, the woman can claim to be the guardian of her children.
  • According to Indian law, abortion is a crime.
  • But if a woman’s health is in danger because of the pregnancy, then she can get an abortion.
  • In such a case, her abortion will be considered legal.
  • No one can force a woman to have an abortion without her consent.
  • If he does so then the woman can make a legal claim.
  • After divorce, the woman also has the right to get maintenance and education of children.
  • But, it is decided by the court on the basis of the evidence.
  • If her shares, money and bank account are being used against the will of the woman, then she can stop it by using this law.

Can’t do this with women after dusk!

  • Torturing a married woman for dowry is a criminal offense.
  • The sentence of the guilty has been increased to life.
  • On a divorce petition, a married woman can take maintenance under section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act.
  • There is also a provision to take permanent alimony under section 25 after the decision to divorce.
  • Widow women have the right to get the subsistence allowance from their father-in-law if they do not remarry.
  • Not only this, if the amount given to the wife seems less, then she can also force the husband to pay more expenses.
    • one year imprisonment or
    • Will have to pay a fine of up to 20000.
  • It is the responsibility of the state government to appoint a Security Officer.
  • There are many such women’s organizations, which help in this matter.

Laws have been made but there are many states where the rule of domestic violence has not been implemented properly.

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NOTE: These rights are subject to change over time.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can contact on this helpline number.

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