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Royal WhatsApp APK makes its name in the list of very updated and featured applications when it comes to messenger applications.  WhatsApp Royal is another APK version of WhatsApp which officially has the ultimate features of WhatsApp messenger with privacy and data storage.

 Updates to emoji and more like this.  Furthermore, it is a third-party website developed by private developer Naeem Ahmed.  Many of us would know about Yo WhatsApp.  GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are also that type of WhatsApp which are not advanced and featured but still much more than original WhatsApp.

Royal WhatsApp APK Download

Royal WhatsApp Overview

 Royal WhatsApp APK is a modified version created by third party developers.  The native app has very limited customization settings.  Royal WhatsApp covers these shortcomings by providing a wide range of customization and advanced privacy options.

 Using this app, you can hide your blue tick, make calls without saving contacts, send large files, and much more.  This revised version comes with various additional and instantaneous features to provide the best messaging experience. Royal WhatsApp APK is a very effective modification and adaptation of the original WhatsApp.  In this, mod app you get some new extra features which are not available in official.  You can do everything with this unofficial app that you can do with the official app.

 It is so popular all over the planet for its unique features, interface design and functions.  Now, you can install the modified app without spending a single penny from your credit card.  Royal WhatsApp App is 100% free app for android mobile phone users.  In addition, it is legal, safe and secure. As a result, you should not face any problem whenever you install and run Royal WhatsApp latest version.

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Features of Royal WhatsApp APK

 Royal WhatsApp is a stable and secure third-party website that can only be downloaded from third-party websites.  It is not available as official WhatsApp on Google play store as it is a third-party website.  It has great features which are:

 In this mode of WhatsApp you get a chance to hide blue ticks while receiving and reading messages.  This is a problem for most of the people who want to read the message and don’t want to let others know that they have read the message because because of this feature of Royal WhatsApp APK it is possible to hide your blue tick option and others don’t get  Know whether you have read his message or not.  This feature is not available on orginal WhatsApp.

 In official WhatsApp, it is not possible to send message to people without saving their contact details but with this updated APK WhatsApp it is possible to send message to people whose contact details are not saved on your phone.

 The wonderful feature of this Royale WhatsApp APK is that it has a bundle of different types of emoji available as the demand for emoji becomes more and more.  So there is an option to have a variety of emoji with this WhatsApp APK.  There is an option to choose the emoji of your choice from the WhatsApp Store.

 Another important feature of Royal WhatsApp APK is the opportunity to restore your data which is available with the original version of WhatsApp.  You have to turn on the backup option so that the data will be restored in no time.

 The modified version of WhatsApp APK has the same privacy policy as the official WhatsApp.  This Royale WhatsApp apk is secure and WhatsApp messenger application protects your data.  Plus, you can protect your chats with a privacy lock.

 The limited and specific file transfer feature of the original version of WhatsApp bothers you while doing your important work.  So in Royal WhatsApp APK, this problem is eliminated as you can transfer any type of files and media.  You can send heavy files as well as images, audios and videos.

 The status light in this royal enfield status for whatsapp apk is much improved than the original whatsapp.  In this version, you can set a long status of 255 characters but with official WhatsApp it is limited to 139 characters.

 In addition, you can also hide your status from the people you want to hide from.  Another feature which has added value to this apk application is that you can also hide last seen, status viewer typing and recording bar while sending messages.

How to download Royal WhatsApp?

  • First of all download the APK file from the above link from your mobile phone.
  • Then turn on unknown resources from your mobile setting, it will let your apk file download easily.
  • Download the APK file and search for that file from your device.
  • Open the file and click Install.
  • Your file will be downloaded and available for use within minutes.
  • Register your mobile number with this application and verify it with verification.
  • You can restore the data you had with the original version.


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