Pre Paymanager Detailed information? What is Pre PayManager? Paymanager Portal 2022-23

Pre Paymanager Detailed information? What is Pre PayManager? Paymanager Portal 2022-23. Pre Paymanager portal assists to create bills for Rajasthan employees, so they can pay their bills more easily using the Paymanger portal. Paymanager Rajasthan Software is also providing the option to pay DA (Dearness allowance) Bonus, Arrears as well as Leave Encashment bills. The Rajasthan Pre Paymanager website was introduced through The Finance Department Government of Rajasthan for Rajasthan employees.

Pre Paymanager

In this article, we’re going to provide details about the PRI PayManager Portal. Explore the complete details about the features and Rajasthan Payroll bill status leaves, pension information as well as loan information. The services available on this site are exclusively available to personnel of the state. Information on the way state employees are able to get the benefits of paymanager is provided in the article and you should continue reading.

Paymanager Portal 2022

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To help them pay their bills in a more efficient way by using the Paymanger portal. Paymanager Rajasthan Software is also providing the option to pay DA (Dearness allowance) Arrears, Bonus arrears, and leave encashment bills.

Pre PayManager Rajasthan website Pre PayManager Rajasthan website was established in Rajasthan’s Finance Department Government of Rajasthan to the Rajasthan employees. PRI Paymanager is another name for it. The workflow is similar, but we could call it a different name for the Paymanager portal.

Detailed information about Pre Paymanager

Portal (PREA) Salary Manager
State Rajasthan
Started by Rajasthan State Government
Department Financial Department
an objective To provide online services to state government employees
Beneficiary State government employees only
Official website

Also: पे-मैनेजर वेतन पर्ची (PayManager Salary Slip)

What is Pre Pay Manager?

Paymanager is a challan payment generation system that is designed for personnel of the Government of Rajasthan. It is a standard and integrated platform for billing for payments to employees.

Software (program) is not just a tool for providing the ability to bill payments but also allows for the preparation of late DA bonuses, challans, arrears and the disbursement of leave. Pre-PayManager and Pre-PayManager are also part of the Panchayati Raj Portal.

The portals are accessible to government employees from the Panchayat region of Rajasthan state. All the functions of this portal are also similar to login website. Employees can avail all the benefits of the online service by logging into this website.

Services are available through the Paymanager Rajasthan Portal

Helps with the payment of bills.

The Employee’s pay slip (Monthly)

  • * PDF and file electronically that is signed by the bank.
  • * Medical expenses for the employee.
  • “* Head of Department/Deputy Head Department Login
  • * Bank Registration

The primary goal for Paymanager online portal

* 164.100 Paymanager’s online portal for PRI was released by Rajasthan Finance Department.

This portal is where everyone employed by the state can get the details about salary manager’s salary slip and pensions, loans, and so on. from the comfort of their homes.

* Pay manager 2 raj nic in. In addition to receiving pay slips, loan and pension information from this site employees of the state can apply online for leave.

* You can access all facilities when you sign in on Paymanager Rajasthan online portal.

How do you log into Paymanager employee?

  • * Open the official website, login and paymanager 2 raj nic in the link.
  • * You will automatically be taken to the login page for Paymanager.

Fill in your user name, password, and the captcha code. Click for the Login button. (If you aren’t able to remember your password, check the Paymanager for forgotten passwords)

How do I download the Salary Slips of Employees?

Check out the official site of Paymanager2 Rajnic in.

* Dashboard Criteria was displayed in front of you.

Select the Employee Corner tab and then look up the Pay Slip on the dropdown menu.

An additional window should appear when you click Payslip and then select the month and the year.

After you’ve selected all of the information, click the submit button to it will download successfully.

How do you create Rajasthan Pay Manager’s Pay Slip?

* To receive payments from PayManager, the user needs to login to his account through the official website

The option titled Employee Corner located in the left side in the lower left corner. Users accessing this site through mobile devices.

* They must long click the option and select the month’s coupon.

* After that, they can download the first batch (paid)

The details of the employees of the Paymanager of PRI GA55

1. First, go to the PayManager dashboard and log in with the username and password.

* You will be able to see the Employees tab, and below that , you will be able to click”GA 55″ GA 55 option.

* Then, you must select the year, and then your name will be displayed at the top of the screen.

* Select Projected/Non-projected option Select Format Type PDF or Excel.

* The information is downloaded onto your.

Download PayManager Employee Details App

* First of all you should go to the app download link at

* Now, the Play Store page will open as illustrated in the image below.

You must join this application and then fill out the online form.

* Once you have downloaded the app for mobile you will continue to receive details about any updates.

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