Parallel Operating System in Hindi

Parallel Operating System (Parallel Operating System) is also called Parallel Processing Systems (Parallel Processing System) or Parallel computing.

Definition of Parallel Operating System in Hindi :- In Parallel Operating System many programs are executed simultaneously, that is, by its use two or more programs can be executed simultaneously in the CPU of the computer.

In this, a program is usually divided into several smaller pieces, and each of the pieces is executed together as an independent program. As a result of which the execution of a program can be completed as quickly as possible and its output can be given to the user.

The technology of Parallel Operating System can be implemented in many ways, some examples of this are as follows: –

parallel operating system in hindi
Parallel Operating System in Hindi
  • With the help of software, a single processor can be used as a multiple processor by dividing it into many parts and in each part of the processor, many different programs or different parts of the program are executed simultaneously.
  • Apart from this, the technology of Parallel Processing Systems can also be implemented by using many different processors in the same computer, meaning that two or more CPUs in the same computer.
  • Apart from this, a single program can be executed by connecting many different computers together using a network cable.

Applications of Parallel Operating System in Hindi

Applications of Parallel Operating System in Hindi :- Parallel OS can be used in the following areas

  • It can be used for large amount of data mining and big data analysis.
  • In space research agencies such as ISRO and NASA, etc., it can be used to process signals from satellites.
  • It is used in air traffic control i.e. to provide various types of important assistance to the pilot of the airplane.
  • It is used in various types of research work related to science and engineering.
  • It is also being used in the field related to graphics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Parallel Processing Systems in Hindi

  • It helps in providing output by executing a program as quickly as possible.
  • In this, a single processor can be used on behalf of multiple processors, which saves money and various hardware resources.
  • The overall cost of running it is very less as it requires very little electricity.
  • It can process a huge amount of data and has the ability to solve very large problems quickly.
  • In this we can also connect non-local hardware resources using the network and use them.

Disadvantages of Parallel Processing Systems in Hindi

  • This technique can be applied only to high capacity CPU, if the capacity of the central processing unit is low and it is divided into many different parts, it will greatly degrade the performance of the computer and it will cause loss of program. The execution speed will slow down further.
  • This technique of Parallel OS cannot be applied to all programs, it requires special coding because it is not possible to execute all programs by breaking them into small pieces.
  • After splitting a single program into many smaller pieces, there is a need to establish continuous communication and coordination between all those pieces, because all those pieces are part of the same program. Therefore it is very important that there is continuous communication of information and data between them. This task is very difficult and even the slightest mistake in it can cause various types of errors.
  • Creating applications or writing algorithms for Parallel Operating System is quite a complex task, it requires a lot of experienced software engineers. Only those who have good experience in this type of technology can do programming in this type of system.

Summery of Parallel Operating System in Hindi:- In this article we have discussed about Parallel Operating System or Parallel Processing System in simple Hindi language. Two or more programs can be executed simultaneously in a computer’s processor with a parallel operating system. Hope you liked this article written on Parallel OS in Hindi. If you want to give any suggestion or have any query related to this article written on Parallel operating system, then definitely tell by writing in the comment box below.