Linux Command in Hindi | Linux Command Line in Hindi

Linux is a well-known operating system, whose basic internal structure or design architecture is based on the Unix operating system. Linux OS was created in 1991 by a computer engineer named Linus Torvalds (Linus Torvalds). Linux is an open source operating system, that means anyone can use it for free and download its source code and edit it as per their wish.

What is Linux Commands in Hindi :- A list of commands or commands are already available to perform various tasks in Linux operating system. In this, different commands are available from creating a folder to editing a text file. The total number of files in Linux operating systems of different types and versions can range from 2700 – 3000.

Whenever a user wants to do any work in the Linux operating system, he can complete the task by opening the terminal and typing commands in it. By the way, at present, almost all Linux operating systems also have a graphical user interface (GUI). Using this, any computer user can work in the operating system even without using commands. But still professional software developers and network engineers who mainly use Linux prefer to work in Linux with the help of all commands.

linux commands in hindi
Linux Operating System Commands in Hindi

Example of Popular Linux Command in Hindi

Example of Popular Linux Command in Hindi: – There are commands from 2700 to 3000 in Linux operating system, there is also a command to check these commands, that is, if a user wants to know that the version of linux he is using has total How many commands are there, then he will write ls from his keyboard on the linux terminal and press the Enter button, then all the commands present in that operating system will be displayed on the computer’s screen. Apart from this, there are many more popular commands of Linux Operating System as follows:-

  • ls command in linux in hindi:- Using ls command can display the name of all the files present in any directory i.e. it shows which files are present in the directory the user is currently in. .
  • cd command in linux in hindi:- cd means change directory, using this the user can move out of one directory and go to another directory.
  • mkdir command in linux in hindi :- By using mkdir command user can create new directory in Linux operating system.
  • rmdir command in linux in hindi :- Using rmdir command user can delete or remove any old directory.
  • echo command in linux in hindi:- Linux echo command can be used in many ways, such as to display the information stored inside a variable on the screen or also to display any text or string on the screen. The echo command can be used.
  • kill command in linux in hindi:- Using kill command in Linux operating system, any process executing in the CPU of the computer can be terminated or terminated.
  • cp command in linux in hindi:- cp means copy. It is used to copy and move one or more files and directories from one place to another.
  • ps command in linux in hindi:- ps means Process Status. Using the ps command, various processes running in the computer’s CPU can be listed and various types of information can be obtained about the process.
  • cut command in linux in hindi:- The cut command in Linux is used to slice or extract text from a line, that is, if you put it in words, then by using it cut any part of a sentence. It can be extracted and used in a variety of ways.
  • man command in linux in hindi :- By the use of man command it can be found that how to use another command in Linux, that is, this command provides detailed information about other Linux commands.
  • head command in linux in hindi :- Using head command in linux prints 10 lines from the top of the file to the screen, by default it prints the first 10 lines.
  • cat command in linux in Hindi :- cat command is used to create new file in Linux operating system.
  • touch command in linux in hindi :- touch command is used in linux to change and modify timestamp of a file.
  • alias command in linux :- A new command can be created in Linux OS by using alias command, if in simple words, it is used to refer to whose long command with small letter words.
  • chmod command in linux:- chmod command means change mode. With its use, changes are made to the rules or permissions related to accessing the file in the Linux operating system.
  • chown command in linux:- chown command means change owner. Using this, the owner of a file or directory is changed in the Linux operating system.
  • curl linux command:- Data can be transferred from a local computer to a server in the Linux operating system using the curl command.
  • df command in linux :- df command means disk free. It is used to display information related to the free memory space left in the hard disk of the Linux operating system. The df command also tells how much memory space is occupied by which file or directory.
  • diff command in linux :- df command means it compares line-by-line between any two files and tells what changes have to be done to convert the file to another file.
  • exit command in linux :- exit command is used to exit the currently running shell.
  • find command in linux :- The find command is used to search the list of files based on the criteria specified by the user.
  • finger command in linux:- It is generally used by the system administrator to get all the user related information of the system.
  • free command in linux:- The free command displays the free space left in the computer’s memory.
  • grep command in linux :- The grep command is used to search the text inside the file based on the parameters given by the user.
  • gzip command in linux :- gzip command is used to compress a file and shrink it.
  • history command in linux: – After opening the Linux terminal, all the keywords written in it can be seen with the help of history command.
  • mv command in linux :-:- mv command means using this one or more files or directories can be transferred from one place to another.
  • passwd command in linux :- passwd command is used to change the password of user account.
  • ping command in linux :- The ping command is used to troubleshoot, test and diagnose problems related to network connectivity.
  • shutdown command in linux: – Shutdown or shutdown of the computer can be done using the Shutdown command.

Advantages of using Linux Command Line

Advantages of using Linux Command Line :- As you know there are two types of user interface in any normal operating system – graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface) or GUI and command line interface (Command Line Interface) or CLI.

In the Graphical User Interface, the user can work by giving instructions to various visual objects with the help of his mouse or other input device, but in the command line interface, the user performs various tasks by giving commands with the help of his keyboard, i.e. command line. The interface is more difficult to work with because in order to perform a task, the user needs to know the specific commands related to that task.

Whereas in the graphical user interface, the user does not need to have knowledge related to any command, in this he can do any work very easily. But still, in operating systems like Linux and Unix, users use the command line interface more than the graphical user interface and students are also taught about the command line interface when they are taught Linux and Unix operating systems. So that he can be familiar with various commands, the main reasons for this are as follows:-

  • Generally Linux operating system is used by professional people like server administrator, network engineer, software developer, ethical hacker. For which it is very necessary to do some work fast. The speed of typing the latter in the keyboard is very high by these professional people and these people do not like to use tools like mouse while doing any work because it affects the speed of their work, due to the command line interface. This is also a reason for use.
  • In Linux, repetitive tasks related to scripts are done by professionals in Linux, those tasks can be completed very quickly and easily with the help of commands.
  • Sometimes the graphical user interface is not available due to system crash or due to various other reasons, at such times it becomes imperative to use the command line interface.

Summery of Linux Command in Hindi :- In this article we have discussed in simple Hindi language about the commands present in Linux operating system. Hope you liked this article written on Linux Command in Hindi. If you have any suggestion or want to ask any question related to this article written on Linux operating system, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box below.