How to withdraw money from PhonePe Wallet? way of 2022

Whether to do money transactions or shop, the PhonePe application has made this task very easy. But people do not understand that after all, PhonePe Wallet se paise kaise nikale? How to withdraw money from PhonePe Wallet? How to transfer Wallet money to your Bank Account on Phone?

By depositing money in PhonePe Wallet, it is very easy for us to make online payment. when shopping for anything Pay with PhonePe Wallet Happens immediately. We do not have to face any kind of server problem.

By making direct payment from the same bank, the bank never works properly. So sometimes the issue of server problem comes. For this reason people keep money by depositing money in PhonePe Wallet. So that there will be no problem in making payment.

But depositing money in PhonePe Wallet is as simple as that. It is equally difficult to transfer money from wallet to your bank account. But with the help of some methods you can withdraw money. so let’s go how to withdraw phonepe wallet money in hindi, phonepe wallet se paise kaise nikale? take lessons.

Phone Pe Wallet Se Paise Kaise Nikale?

PhonePe Wallet se paise kaise nikale

Withdrawing money from Wallet on phone is definitely a difficult task. But are possible. Here we are going to learn how to transfer money to your bank account in 2 ways.

The first way to withdraw money from Phone Pe Wallet

step 1: first on your phone PhonePe App Open it. then looking down My Money by tapping on the option of PhonePe Wallet Select the

Step 2: Now click on the question mark (?) appearing on your right.

Step 3: here you “How do I Close my PhonePe Wallet?” option to be selected.

Step 4: Now go ahead by reading carefully. If you agree to close your PhonePe Account in order to withdraw money. Then you click on the button of Close Wallet.

Step 5: Now you have to select Withdraw wallet balance. Then click on Confirm & Deactivate wallet.

Step 6: By clicking on Deactivate Wallet you are finally Done Click on

As soon as you complete the above mentioned process, the entire balance of your PhonePe Wallet will come in your bank account.

note : Once PhonePe Wallet Deactivate You cannot use it again once it is done. To get the solution of any problem related to PhonePe, you can call tollfree number 0124-6789-345 anytime between 7 AM to 11 PM.

Another way to transfer wallet money to a bank account

With the help of this method, you can transfer money to your bank account without deleting your PhonePe Wallet.

step 1: You have to go to such a person or shop. Who has a business account of PhonePe.

Step 2: Now you request them that you want to transfer money to their bank account and want to take cash in return.

Step 3: If they agree to this. So you transfer your PhonePe Wallet money to their bank account. Yes, they will charge you some charges in return for this. Therefore, before transferring money, ask about their charges as well.

What types of money are not transferred from PhonePe Wallet?

With the Wallet on the phone, you can withdraw only those money. The money you have transferred from your bank account to PhonePe Wallet. You cannot withdraw the following money at all.

  • any kind Cashback amount Can’t remove.
  • You cannot withdraw money even if KYC is not completed.
  • You cannot withdraw money from another person’s account.

Just understand that you can withdraw only those money from PhonePe Wallet. Which you have deposited in Wallet. You cannot withdraw any other kind of money.

I hope you understand now phonepe wallet se paise kaise nikale? In this way, you can withdraw money from PhonePe Wallet in both the ways.

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