File Management System in Hindi

Before knowing about file management it is necessary to know the file.

What is File in Computer System?

A file is a group of similar types of information that is stored in a computer’s secondary storage such as a hard disk drive (HDD), etc. Various types of information come under the file, such as text, audio-video, source code of any programming language, archive etc.

Definition of File Management in Hindi File Management is used by the Operating System (OS) to manage the files of the computer.

Using this, the OS determines how different files will be stored in the computer’s memory. Along with this, processes like creating new files, updating them, deleting any old files also come under file management.

File management is one of the important tasks performed by an operating system and this work is compulsorily done by almost all OS such as Windows ( Windows ), Linux ( Linux ), Macintosh ( Macintosh ), Android ( Android ) etc. goes.

Main Functions of File Management System in Hindi

Main Functions of File Management System in Hindi :- Under File Management the following tasks are done in the computer by the operating system :-

file management in hindi
File Management System in Hindi
  • Using this, new files can be created in the computer.
  • With its use, files can be stored in a systematic manner in the hard disk of the computer.
  • Helps to find these stored files in memory very easily as quickly as possible.
  • It helps in sharing files and information stored in them very easily among different users.
  • It helps in storing different files in different folders as per the requirement of the user.
  • Using the file management system, the user can manage different types of files such as txt, doc, pdf, mp4 etc. and can also add different types of security related features to them.
  • It helps to modify or update the name of the files and the data stored inside the files as per the requirement of the user.
  • It helps the user to completely delete the files from the computer’s memory.
  • It helps the user to copy the files from one place to another place.
  • It helps the user to secure the files by backing them up completely including the information stored therein.
  • It provides facilities to the user by adding various types of protective properties to the files to protect them from any unauthorized access.
  • File Management System keeps many important information like owner of files (creator of file), creation date (date of creation of file), state of completion (status of completion of file) etc. And can also display them like a report if needed.

File access methods in Hindi

File access methods in English: – There are many ways to access a file stored in a computer’s memory and use its information. Some operating systems provide only one method to access files, but there are some OSes that provide 3 methods to access files according to different types of requirements.

There are three ways to access the file:-

  • Sequential Access :- This is the simplest method of accessing files, in which the information stored inside the files is processed in a sequence from beginning to end. For example, when you process the source code of a program with the help of compiler, it goes from top to bottom, executing each line. The sequential method is most commonly used to access a file.
  • Direct Access :- In this method any information in the file can be accessed directly, that is, no sequence has to be followed to access any information in it, rather the operating system can access any information from anywhere. could.
  • Index sequential method: – This is an advanced method of direct access to files, in which the information stored inside the files is accessed using the address of the file. Account information stored in files has an index number and using that number can be accessed very quickly by accessing the address of that information.

Advantages of file management system in Hindi

  • Information Arrangement :- File Management System provides facility to organize different types of files very beautifully in the computer’s memory. This makes it very easy for a user to store files in memory or locate them in memory.
  • Eliminate loss of files :- The computer’s secondary storage device ie hard disk can contain thousands or millions of files. In such a situation, if the files are not stored in a systematic way, then the user may have to waste a lot of his time in finding them. The file management system provides the facility to search and find files, so that the user can find the files very easily.
  • Backup :- With the use of file management system, many files can be backed up very easily, so that if at any time the hard disk gets damaged or due to any other calamity, the computer is shut down, then the user can save the files. Do not lose the information.
  • Editing:- Here it provides the facility to update the information stored in the files very easily by editing them. And there is no change in the original format of its files.
  • Access methods:- It provides the facility to access the information stored in the files in many ways. So that the user can access and use the information as quickly as possible.
  • Sharing:- It provides the facility to share the data stored in the files between multiple users at the same time.
  • Security :- It provides facility to add various types of security features to the files to protect them from unauthorized access.

Disadvantages of file management system in Hindi

  • Data Redundancy: – Duplicate files can be created very easily by copying files using file management system, so this leads to loss of memory space due to duplicate data in computer’s memory.
  • Data Inconsistency :- Since there is a risk of duplicate data, it is quite possible that the data stored inside the files may not be in a consistent or consistent state.
  • Security Problems:- Although there are some features available to protect the files, but it is insufficient, despite these features, a user can easily hack the files of the computer.

Summery of file management system in Hindi :- In this article we have discussed about file management system in simple Hindi language. In this we have discussed from bed about the Definition, Functions, File access methods, Advantages, Disadvantages etc. of File Management System.
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