Digital Voter ID Card download kaise kare? 2022

Voter ID is the most important document in the election environment. Voter ID card along with identity proof also allows us to cast vote. The people of India use the power of their vote with the Voter ID card. In such a situation, if your Voter ID Card has been lost somewhere. So with the help of this article you can download online Digital Voter ID Card kaise kare? To teach the way.

The Election Commission has provided the facility of Digital Voter ID Card i.e. e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card) for the people of India. Understand that Digital Identity Card is known as e-EPIC. Which you can download and print it on your mobile or computer.

Actually e-EPIC is made available in PDF format by the Election Commission. This PDF file cannot be edited. e-EPIC Voter Card is fully valid for voting. Apart from this, you can also use it as a photo id anywhere.

the way you online aadhar download We do. Now in the same way you can also download voter id card online. Let us know that you can download your Digital Voter ID Card kaise kare? How to Download Voter ID Card Online?

How to Download Digital Voter Card 2022

Digital Voter ID Card download kaise kare

step 1: first you Go to the site.

Step 2: now you Download e-EPIC Click on the option.

Online Voter ID Card Download

Step 3: here you own e-EPIC number Enter and select your state.

Step 4: Now come to your registered mobile number OTP (One-Time Password) to be entered.

Step 5: Once verified, the option of Download e-EPIC will appear in front of you. Now you have to click on Download e-EPIC to download your Digital Voter Card.

By following these easy steps, you can download it on your smartphone or computer. e-EPIC Card Download can do.

How to Register Your Mobile Number?

step 1: First to complete KYC e-KYC Click on the option.

Step 2: After that complete the face liveness verification.

Step 3: Update your mobile number to complete KYC. Actually you need a device with camera to complete KYC. It could be a smartphone/laptop.

Step 4: now you own e-EPIC Download will do.

Advantages of e-EPIC

You can save your e-EPIC in phone storage as well as upload it in digi locker. You can also use the digital version voter ID card during the address verification process.

Digital Voter Card is a completely secure document. The good thing is that hackers cannot tamper with it to steal personal details of users.

I hope you understand now Digital Voter ID Card download kaise kare? But you are still facing any problem in downloading Digital Voter ID Card online. So you can comment below.

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