5 best ways to keep your smartphone secure

Nowadays most of the people use smartphone. From fingerprint sensor to face unlock, many features are provided in the smartphone for security. People use smartphones not only for chatting but also for online shopping and online payments. This is the reason why people have to take great care of their phones. Because if the smartphone falls into the wrong hands, people can suffer a lot. so you smartphone security tips hindi I must have known.

Many people keep lock in all the apps to increase the security of the app present in their phone. So that their photo, chat or any other personal information does not fall in the hands of any wrong person. Take full advantage of the security features given in the phone.

But there are many people like this. Those who do not pay any attention to the security of their phone. Due to which they fall victim to the hands of some wrong person. Therefore, every smartphone user must take care of the security of his phone.

In this article you How to make smartphone more secure? Tips to learn. So that you do not have to worry about the security of your phone. So let’s know smartphone security tips in Hindi.

How to increase the security of your smartphone?

smartphone security tips hindi

Anyone can keep their smartphone secure by keeping small things in mind. We are going to tell you some such tips. With which you can keep your smartphone safe.

Smartphone Security Tips Hindi

Here you are going to learn 5 best tips for the safety of the phone. Let’s know 5 easy setting and tips to keep the phone safe in Hindi.

Do not keep the password saved in the phone

Most of the people save the password in their Smartphone in order to login early in their account or do not remember the password. If you are also one of those people. So don’t make this mistake even by forgetting. Because by doing this your account can be hacked.

Also if your phone gets stolen. So imagine yourself, you yourself give access to your password to a wrong person. Therefore, do not keep the password saved in your phone.

Download App from trusted sources only

There are different types of apps on the internet for different tasks. Because of this people download the app of their need from anywhere. But you shouldn’t do that. Because hackers can steal your personal details through the app. Do not forget to download the app from third party app store or website.

Always download apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store. Apart from the app, if you download a song or any document. So make sure that it is a well-known and trustworthy website.

Always lock the phone

The best and easiest way to keep your smartphone safe. Always keep a lock on the phone. The feature of locking the phone is given in all the smartphones. You must keep a fingerprint, pin or pattern lock on your phone.

So that if your phone is lost somewhere or someone steals it. So he could not easily unlock your phone. It will take some time for him to unlock the phone. So that you can block all the important accounts from your bank account.

Use Anti-Virus Software in Phone

Anti-Virus software is very important in terms of the security of your phone. It helps a lot in detecting malware and bugs in your phone. You can consider software like Quick Heal, Norton, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus in your phone.

Anti-virus makes your smartphone very secure. Along with monitoring the malware in your phone, it also works to remove it from the phone.

Always keep your phone updated

You should always keep your smartphone updated to prevent your phone from falling into the hands of the wrong person. Whenever there is a latest version of your smartphone’s OS. So you must upgrade it to the latest version.

Apart from this, keep updating all the apps present in your smartphones to the latest version. So that your smartphone is protected from hackers attack. Because there may be some malware or bug in the version of older apps.

If you keep all the things mentioned above in mind. So believe that your smartphone will be secure to a great extent. Hope you now understand that your How to keep smartphone secure?

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